Latvian Relief Fund of America

LRFA is a professionally managed, non-profit, mutual assistance organization, designed to provide our members with affordable health care plans and financial assistance in emergencies. We support other Latvian-American organizations and education in the U.S. and abroad.
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Charitable Works


We are grateful to all LRFA members and benefactors for their financial support and bequests to our organizations. As an extension of this support, besides offering low-cost benefit plans to our members, our charitable works strive to further support members and their families.

We offer:

  • Emergency Assistance Plan
    The LRFA Emergency Assistance Plan provides monetary assistance to members in cases of natural disaster or other catastrophic events. Over the years, we've helped people recover from hurricaines, ice storms, and other acts of nature. The damage can be devastating and LRFA is committed to helping our members.
  • Hope Chest/Newborn gift
    Any LRFA member who has been enrolled as an active member for over 9 months is eligible to receive an LRFA "hope chest" monetary gift after the birth of their child.
  • Scholarships
    Each year, LRFA members can apply for financial assistance for Latvian language education and cultural instruction. Members are encouraged to apply early in the year, as funds are limited. Many of these requests are from children attending Latvian summer camps in the US, like Garezers (Michigan) and the New York Latvian Church Camp "Nometne" in the Catskills.
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In addition, we proudly support:

  • American and Baltic non-profit organizations (hospitals, cancer research foundations, police & fireman associations, scouts, and others)
  • Baltic cultural events
  • New construction of Latvian centers (churches, retirement homes, cultural establishments)
  • Relief work in Latvia

Make a Donation:

Did you know that your donation to LRFA is tax-deductible? Make a donation and support our organization's efforts. There are several options when making a donation. You can make a contribution via PayPal below or mail us a check today. In addition, you can make bequest or make LRFA a beneficiary as part of your estate planning.

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