Latvian Relief Fund of America, Inc.

LRFA is a professionally managed, non-profit, mutual assistance organization, providing our members with affordable health care plans and financial assistance in emergencies. We support other Latvian-American organizations and education in the U.S. and abroad. Membership is open to all residents of the US, whether you need benefits or just wish to support our community.
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Over 60 years of service! We are proud to serve the needs of our members, all across the country. Become part of our community.

Are you watching the 2018 Winter Olympics? We have great athletes from Latvia! Visit Latvia this summer and bring along the LRFA Travel Medical Plan!

International Travel CoverageTravel Medical Plan

You need 24-hour accident and illness protection while traveling abroad, to help cover unforeseen medical costs. Affordable rates and great peace of mind during your trip.

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Health Supplemental Coverage Health Supplemental Plans

Our Health plans cover office visits, lab tests, and hospitalization. Free choice of doctors. Includes preventive medicine, chiropractor, physical therapy, and more. Covers your exsiting insurance deductibles and co-pays!

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Visitors from AbroadVisitors from Abroad

Get coverage for your foreign relatives while they are visiting you in the United States. The LRFA Visitors from Abroad Plan is an interim travel medical plan that covers unexpected medical costs as a result of sudden accidents or unexpected illness.

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Medicare Supplemental CoverageMedicare Supplemental Plans

Looking for additional coverage for your Medicare plan?

Similar to commercial "medigap", our benefit plans help members cover medical expenses that Medicare does not. Don't be left paying for coinsurance and deductibles!

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Give a Gift & Share the JOY!

LRFA helps members and our community through Scholarships and other assistance programs. Choose a gift for yourself or someone special and support our programs.

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Cash PlanHospital Supplemental Cash Plan

The Hospital Supplemental Plan pays you cash for each day of your hospital stay. Even if you are hospitalized while traveling abroad. Use the cash to help cover your daily living expenses. Benefits are paid directly to the member, regardless of any other coverage you may have.

Medical Tourism in Latvia
LRFA representatives met with Latvian Ambassador to the United States, Andris Razans, in Washington, D.C. and then traveled to Riga, Latvia to discuss Latvia's intent in becoming a destination for Medical Tourism. We are continuing to define our role in providing the best plan for travelers from the US, to ensure quality services as well as a unique health experience. We need your input! Tell us if you would travel to Latvia for medical care and what types of treatments you might consider.

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