Plan Features

You can enjoy your cash any way you wish!

The LRFA Hospital Supplemental Cash Plan helps LRFA members by providing direct monetary compensation for each day of your inpatient hospital stay. Since payments are made directly to you, they can help with daily living expenses that occur when you are out of work due to a medical need. This benefit also applies if you are hospitalized overnight while traveling abroad. Benefits from this plan are paid directly to the member or to a member authorized person, regardless of any other health coverage the individual may have. Join LRFA today!

Eligibility & Enrollment

Any LRFA member who wishes to enroll in the Hospital Supplemental Cash Plans must be a US resident at least 18 years of age and in good health.

Benefit Plan Groups

The LRFA Hospital Supplemental Cash Plan consists of 5 groups:

  • Group I
  • Group II
  • Group III
  • Special A
  • Special B

Each group provides a different level of maximum benefit payment.

What Is Covered

This plan provides monetary compensation for each day of hospital stay, starting with the first day of inpatient stay (Groups I, II, III) or second day of inpatient stay (Groups A & B). The member may also receive compensation up to four (4) weeks after being discharged from the hospital if hospitalization was a result of an accidental injury. If the accidental injury results in out-patient care, the member is eligible for benefits up to two (2) weeks with a written confirmation of disability from the physician.

If a member of group I, II or III suffers the loss of his/her hand, foot or sight, this plan will cover each loss with the following one time benefits, shown in the middle column below.

Weekly For the accidental loss of a hand, foot, or sight Combined TOTAL
Group I $90.00 $1,000.00 $5,000.00
Group II $150.00 $2,000.00 $10,000.00
Group III $200.00 $3,000.00 $15,000.00
Group Spec. A $350.00 $4,000.00 $25,000.00
Group Spec. B $650.00 $5,000.00 $50,000.00

Maternity Coverage

This coverage entitles the member to monetary compensation for each day of hospitalization during childbirth, as long as she was a member of that specific coverage group for at least nine (9) months prior to delivery.

Waiting Periods

In order to qualify for benefits, the following waiting periods apply from the date of acceptance into a plan:

  • One (1) month waiting period – for anyone who is currently and has been a LRFA member for a continuous period of one year or more. Benefits may be available earlier in the event of an accidental injury.
  • Three (3) month waiting period – for all individuals enrolling in a Supplemental plan along with LRFA membership application.

Maternity benefits are only available when the mother has been a member of that specific coverage group for at least nine (9) months prior to delivery.

Not Covered

You are not eligible for benefits if you are hospitalized due to a mental illness, AIDS, war injuries, or injuries resulting from participation in demonstrations or police actions. Benefits do not apply if you are receiving medical care in nursing homes, convalescent residences, mental institutions, extended care facilities, state hospitals, VA hospitals, or drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics. Other limitations may apply.

Plan Fees for 2024

Age Group I Group II Group III Spec. A Spec. B
1-29 $5 $8 $11 $13 $21
30-44 $6 $10 $12 $15 $23
45-59 $8 $16 $15 $19 $25
60-64 $9 $17 $16 $20 $28
65-69 $10 $18 $17 $21 $30
70-84 $11 $20 $22 $25 $37
85+ $17 $22 $25 $28 $40

These pages are designed to provide general descriptions of our benefit plans and further restrictions may apply or may have changed. For further information, please contact the LRFA office or refer to specific plan Regulations.