Plan Features

Cost savings for you and your family

No matter which Health Supplemental plan you choose, LRFA covers both out-patient and in-patient medical care for our members. Our plans are affordable and provide reliable benefits with great customer service.

There are three main types of plans (members choose one plan per person and children can only be enrolled under a parent’s plan). Plans differ by limits set on the amount of covered expenses (percentage groups) and maximum payable in a given calendar year.

These plans are ideal when used in conjunction with your primary insurance to provide the complete coverage you need. We offer two plans that may also be used as primary coverage although they do not qualify as insurance under government regulations, as LRFA is not an insurance company. Join LRFA today and let us help you!

Why Choose An LRFA Plan?

  • Easy application process
  • No enrollment period – apply any time!
  • No physical exam required
  • Free choice of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies. No networks.
  • Rates do not vary by state
  • Medical services performed in Latvia are eligible for benefits
  • Simple claim forms
  • Great customer service!

Eligibility and enrollment

Download the Health Supplemental enrollment form

Complete and sign the LRFA Health Supplemental enrollment form, and mail it along with your payment and proof of primary insurance (for H1). Your application(s) will be reviewed and LRFA will notify you of the date your coverage begins.

Plan participation is open to all LRFA members who are US residents age 18 to 65, and their dependent children ages 1-26. Dependent children may be covered under a parent’s plan for an additional cost. Dependent children must also be enrolled as LRFA members in order to qualify for benefits.

Only LRFA members are eligible for benefits. Anyone not currently an LRFA member may apply for membership in conjunction with benefit application.

What is covered

LRFA Health Supplemental Plans are designed to assist members with their medical expenses. Plans differ by limits set on the amount of covered expenses and maximums payable in a calendar year.

For each dependent child (ages 1-26) added to the plan, there is an additional monthly fee. Any child covered under their parent’s plan must also be a member of LRFA. The maximum benefit amount payable in a calendar year is shared by the parent and child covered under the same plan.

Choose from three plans

  • Plan H1 is available as secondary coverage. It is a low-cost option to cover the deductibles and co-pays of your primary insurance. Proof of primary insurance is required.
    • 3 percentage groups: 20%, 50%, 80%  
Reflects the percentage at which LRFA will reimburse its members for LRFA approved medical expenses.
  • Plans H2 and H3 can be used as secondary coverage, or as primary coverage, provided the member recognizes that it does not qualify as primary insurance under government regulations.
    • 2 percentage groups: 50%, 80%
 Reflects the percentage at which LRFA will reimburse its members for LRFA approved medical expenses.

Patient expenses are typically reimbursed directly to the member, after completion of the benefit claims process and receipt of copies of paid itemized invoices. Under certain conditions, patient benefits can be paid directly to the provider, with member authorization.

Rx drug coverage is included in Plans H2 and H3

Prescription drug expenses are reimbursed by the percentage group of your plan, after the annual deductible is met, up to the maximum benefit amount per calendar year. All brand name, generic, specialty, rare, and high cost drugs, including drugs purchased outside of the US, are covered, only when prescribed by a licensed physician.

See plan regulations for more details on deductibles, coverage limits, services covered, annual limits and maximum services.

Waiting Periods

In order to qualify for benefits, the following waiting periods apply.

  • New LRFA members may request benefits for medical expenses occurring at least three (3) months after the date of admittance into a plan.
  • Existing LRFA members – membership of one (1) year or more – may request benefits for medical care occurring at least one (1) month after the date of admittance into a plan.

Examples of covered medical services

  • Preventative care
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Office visits (including specialist)
  • Immunizations
  • In-patient & out-patient services
  • Some dental & vision services
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Emergency room services
  • Physical fitness benefits
  • Chiropractic care

Plan Fees for 2024

Age H1-20% H1-50% H1-80%
18-26 $30 $69 $107
27-35 $36 $89 $140
36-45 $44 $102 $152
46-55 $50 $124 $187
56-65 $67 $150 $210
+ per child $16 $28 $36
Age H2-20% (not avail) H2-50% H2-80%
18-26 n/a $116 $167
27-35 n/a $149 $253
36-45 n/a $156 $259
46-55 n/a $165 $281
56-65 n/a $185 $295
+ per child n/a $35 $36
Age H3-20% (not avail) H3-50% H3-80%
18-26 n/a $188 $347
27-35 n/a $235 $484
36-45 n/a $250 $488
46-55 n/a $261 $507
56-65 n/a $284 $523
+ per child n/a $42 $53