We are a unique nonprofit that offers benefit plans to cover common gaps in medical coverage. LRFA members are eligible for support in emergencies, new baby gifts, and more. With over 70 years of service, we are proud to serve the needs of our members. Join our community of people helping one another.

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Benefit Plans Available to Members

Assistance when you need it. Affordable coverage with excellent service.

Medicare Supplemental

Looking for additional coverage for your Medicare plan? Similar to commercial "medigap", our plans help cover medical expenses that Medicare does not. Don't be left paying for coinsurance and deductibles!

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Health Supplemental

Coverage for copays, office visits, lab tests, and hospitalization. Free choice of doctors. Includes preventive medicine, chiropractor, physical therapy, and more. Covers your exsiting insurance deductibles and co-pays!

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Hospital Cash Plan

Get cash for each day of your hospital stay. Even if you are hospitalized while traveling abroad. Use the cash to help cover your daily living expenses. Benefits are paid directly to the member, regardless of any other coverage you may have.

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Travel Medical Plan

Accident and illness protection while traveling abroad. Get affordable rates and peace of mind for a more relaxing trip.

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Visitors From Abroad

Medical protection for your foreign relatives while they are visiting you in the United States. The LRFA Visitors from Abroad Plan is an interim travel medical plan that covers unexpected medical costs as a result of accidents or unexpected illness.

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Final Expense Plan

Members can enroll in one or more of our plan options, from $1,000 to our highest combinations totaling $27,000.00 in benefits.

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Additional Services

All members are eligible to receive additional services


Each year, LRFA members can apply for financial assistance for Baltic education and cultural programs.

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Children's Memberships

We welcome members of all ages. Applicants under age 18 pay half the cost of an adult membership.

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Emergency Assistance

We can help when disaster strikes. All LRFA members are eligible for assistance.

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