What Your Support Means

Baltic Cultural Events

  • We support Baltic Song Festivals and cultural events in the U.S. and Canada. Stop by our table at the next event!
  • We sponsor all Latvian Song and Dance Festivals in the US and Canada (2015 San Jose, 2017 Baltimore)
  • We sponsor Baltic conferences (2018 Baltic Boston Centennial, AABS – Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies)
  • In addition to sponsorship and participation, LRFA provided a $10,000 startup loan to the 2017 Latvian Song and Dance Festival in Baltimore, MD

Support for Baltic non-profit organizations in the U.S.

  • Youth programs such as the Latvian Boy Scouts & Girl Guides
  • Folkdance group events
  • Summer camps and Baltic language education programs
  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce in the Americas
  • American Latvian Association
  • Latvian Broadcasting in Chicago. This is the only radio station in America that broadcasts in the Latvian language.

Construction of Latvian Centers in the U.S.

In 2009, LRFA provided a loan to the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Washington, DC so that they could improve access for the elderly and disabled. We provided additional funding to build a retirement home.

Relief Work in Latvia

Make a Donation

Did you know that your donation to LRFA is tax-deductible? Make a donation and support our organization’s efforts. There are several options when making a donation. You can make a contribution via PayPal below or mail us a check today. In addition, you can make bequest or make LRFA a beneficiary as part of your estate planning.