Who We Are

LRFA members of all ages come from diverse backgrounds. Most of our members are adults, although you can enroll your children as well. Originally, most of our families were from Latvia or had direct relatives there. Many of our families have been with us for generations. Today, we are thrilled to join our members from all over the globe. Welcome!

Reaching Our Members & Supporters

At LRFA, we strive to understand the needs of our community throughout the country. For many years, we relied on regional representatives who were local volunteer members to provide a point of contact. With the explosion of online communication, email, and social media, we now have more direct ways for you to get the information you need.

We send out regular emails (join our list) and post on Facebook about news and events of interest. In addition, we send out periodic surveys to our members about our specific benefit plans to learn which features are most helpful and ways to improve our plans.

Types of Membership

  • Annual Membership:
    Annual members pay regular dues once a calendar year, to keep their membership active and remain eligible for benefits. Membership is renewable each January.
  • Lifetime Membership:
    Lifetime members pay a one-time enrollment fee in place of the annual dues. Lifetime members are guaranteed eligibility for Emergency Assistance grants and Scholarships for life.

Benefits to joining LRFA

  • Financial assistance for hardship from unexpected weather emergencies(e.g, hurricane or natural disasters)
  • New baby gift to welcome your little bundle of joy
  • Scholarships to learn about Baltic culture
  • Monthly e-newsletter to keep up with the latest information
  • Benefit Plans
    • Health and Medicare Supplemental plans help cover medical expenses and preventive care
    • Hospital Supplemental Plans pays you for time spent in the hospital
    • Final Expense Plan helps cover final expenses or provides funds you can leave to a person or organization
    • Travel Medical Plan and Visitors from Abroad Plans help you and your family cover unforeseen medical costs while traveling internationally or hosting visitors

If you wish to enroll in one of our many benefit plans, those costs are paid separately. You can enroll any time, once your membership is active. Participation in benefit plans is entirely optional and open to LRFA members only.

Children's Memberships

We welcome members of any age. Applicants under age 18 pay half the cost of an adult membership and must apply with a parent or guardian’s membership. Members under 18 are entitled to the same benefits and can be enrolled in plans, in accordance with age restrictions in each plan.

Download a Children’s Membership application.

Emergency Assistance

Each year, LRFA helps members who have suffered financial hardships and natural disasters. In the past 10 years, LRFA has come to the aid of our members in need with over $13,000 in grants. We are proud to stand by our members when disaster strikes.

Current LRFA members may apply for financial grants to cover your losses during an emergency or natural disaster (e.g., hurricanes, flooding, tornados). Applications are considered on an individual basis, any time of year.

Apply online for assistance.