The Baltics

Want to learn more about Latvia and our heritage? Check out this page for a quick history lesson:

In 2018, the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia celebrated 100 years of independence. The long years of Soviet occupation included hundreds of thousands of deportations and lost lives that must never be forgotten. Organizations throughout the world and many public demonstrations like the historic Baltic Way helped support these nations to reclaim their autonomy.

Fortunately, the last century has been a time of great change in these nations as they have rebuilt their countries and joined the EU. Many people whose parents left as refugees, have returned to their homelands. Some of us remain in our new countries, but still have the Baltics in our hearts.

Our Support

  • Baltic cultural events like Song & Dance Festivals
  • Baltic educational programs (summer camps, language programs, Baltic studies)
  • Other Baltic community organizations (e.g., boy & girl scouts, museums, public radio,)
  • Major construction projects of US Latvian centers
  • Relief work in Latvia that supports the health and welfare of children
  • Support for historic projects like The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia in Riga, Latvia
  • August 2015 – 24 Hours of Latvian New Music with ‘Jaunā Mūzika: Latvija’

Links to Baltic cultural organizations

This page contains links from Latvia, as well as Baltic-American associations. Links are provided for reference only. Please contact the organizations themselves with any questions.

Organizations & Communities

Latvian Summer Camps in the U.S. and Educational Opportunities