Protect your family when they visit you in the US!

Medical coverage is particularly important in the United States where healthcare for the uninsured can be very expensive. This plan allows LRFA members to obtain coverage for their international relatives visiting the United States for up to twelve months.

The LRFA Medical Plan for Visitors from Abroad is not a general health insurance policy, but an interim medical plan intended to cover unexpected medical costs as a result of sudden accidents or illness. Medical costs are reimbursed to the member, after a deductible amount. Join LRFA today!

Enrollment & Eligibility

Any LRFA member may apply for coverage for their adult (over age 18) relative, who is a foreign national, and their dependent children over 14 days old, while on a legal trip to the United States for a period not to exceed 12 months. Coverage must include the entire duration of the visitor’s stay in the United States and be paid in full prior to departure from the individual’s home country.

To enroll, the LRFA member must complete the application form <!–LRFA Medical Plan For Visitors From Abroad–> LRFA Medical Plan For Visitors From Abroad and return it with payment in full, prior to the visitor(s) departure from their home country.

All contacts, correspondence, etc. regarding the covered visitor will be made with the LRFA member only.

Effective Date & Termination

Coverage becomes effective the moment the named individual arrives in the United States and terminates the moment the covered person leaves the United States. Generally, this coverage cannot exceed twelve months. However, coverage may be extended for up to an additional twelve months with prior approval from LRFA.

What is covered?

Medical Expenses

If injury or illness occurs during the period of coverage and you or your covered dependents require medical and surgical treatment, the Plan will pay (subject to 20% co-insurance and $200 deductible) reasonable and customary charges for the following covered expenses, up to the plan maximum. The covered charges shall in no event include any amount, which is in excess of reasonable and customary charges for the geographical area where the services are rendered, as determined by LRFA. Benefits payable under this plan may not be assigned. Charges must be from a licensed physician or an accredited medical facility to be eligible for benefits. LRFA may require documentation prior to payment.

Covered Expenses

  1. Hospital room and board charges, up to the most common semi-private daily room rate, for each day of the hospital stay.
  2. Intensive Care Unit charges, up to 2 times the most common semi-private daily room rate, for each day in ICU.
  3. Hospital Miscellaneous Charges, during a hospital stay, up to the daily benefit for hospital room and board. Miscellaneous charges do not include charges for telephone, radio or television, extra beds, meals for guests, or other convenience items.
  4. Outpatient charges, by a Hospital for:
    • A. pre-admission testing – confinement must occur within 7 days of the testing, or
    • B. emergency room treatment
  5. Surgical charges for:
    • A. physician, for primary performance of a surgical procedure
    • B. physician, for assistant surgeon duties, a second surgical opinion, or consultation
    • C. anesthesia and its administration
    • D. use of surgical facilities
  6. Charges by a physician (for other than pre- or post-operative care):
    • A. home visits
    • B. office visits
  7. Charges for x-ray and laboratory tests.
  8. Charges for physiotherapy services performed by a licensed chiropractor or licensed physiotherapist if referred by a licensed physician. Total treatment per injury or sickness not to exceed $50.00 and not to exceed 5 treatments for any one injury or sickness.
  9. Ambulance from the place where the injury or sickness occurred to the hospital, up to the maximum benefit of $100.00.
  10. Charges for medical services and supplies for:
    • A. oxygen and its administration

Expenses Not Covered

Participants are not eligible for benefits if you are hospitalized due to a mental illness, AIDS, war injuries, or injuries resulting from participation in demonstrations or police actions. Benefits do not apply if you are receiving medical care in nursing homes, convalescent residences, mental institutions, extended care facilities, state hospitals, VA hospitals, or drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics. Charges under the deductible will not be reimbursed. Other limitations may apply.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit

If injuries result directly in death or dismemberment within twelve months of the date of the accident, the Plan will pay for loss as follows:

Individual A/B Spouse A/B Each Child A/B
Loss of Life $12,000 / $13,000 $5,500 / $6,500 $2,000 / $3,000
Loss of two members* ** $12,000 / $13,000 $5,500 / $6,500 $2,000 / $3,000
Loss of one member* ** $5,500 / $6,500 $2,250 / $3,250 $1,000 / $1,500
* “Member” means hand, foot or eye.
** “Loss of hand or foot” means complete severance through or above the wrist or ankle joint, and “loss of sight” means the entire and irrecoverable loss of sight.

Only one amount, the largest to which the covered person is entitled, is paid for all losses resulting from one accident.

Plan A – Maximum Benefit amount $30,000.00
Plan B – Maximum Benefit amount $50,000.00

Monthly Fees For 2024

Age Benefit Plan A Benefit Plan B
1 – 17 $54 $69
18 – 29 $51 $66
30 – 39 $61 $81
40 – 49 $71 $97
50 – 59 $92 $128
60 – 64 $133 $189
65 – 69 $163 $234
70 – 79 $205 $298
80+ $266 $386
Dependent child under 18 years of age, sharing plan with a parent:
$29 $37

These pages are designed to provide general descriptions of our benefit plans and further restrictions may apply or may have changed. For further information, please contact the LRFA office or refer to specific plan Regulations.