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Whether to the Bahamas or Europe, planning a trip abroad can be complicated. Most health insurance plans provide only partial or no coverage while you are traveling in another country. The LRFA Travel Medical Plan has affordable rates for the entire length of your stay. Perfect for family vacations, graduation trips, or for anyone who travels internationally. This plan offers LRFA Members accident protection while traveling outside the US, to help cover those unforeseen medical costs. Join LRFA today!

Bring LRFA with you on your trip to the Baltic countries!
Whether you are vacationing along the baltic sea, visiting relatives, or enjoying the Midsummer Night festivals, the Baltics have something for everyione. The Latvian Song and Dance Festival tradition in 2023 commemorated its 150th anniversary, with over 40,000 participants in Riga, Latvia!  Learn more about the history of Latvian song festivals.

Accidents and unexpected illnesses are covered, whether you trip on the cobblestone streets or just indulge in far too many “piragi!” Make the Travel Medical Plan part of your summer packing list. (Groups of 10 or more may contact us for special group rates:

Eligibility & Enrollment

Enroll online for upcoming departures or by mail when planning ahead.

The LRFA Travel Medical Plan provides coverage for members traveling outside the United States. All LRFA members and their dependent children under age 18 are eligible to apply. Members who are in good health, can be covered for a maximum period of eight(8) months, per year. Coverage is for the entire duration of your trip. When applying, please include both departure and return dates in your total day count.

What is covered?

Medical Expenses
If injury or illness occurs during during your trip (within the period of coverage) and you or your covered dependents require medical and surgical treatment, the Plan will pay (subject to co-insurance and deductible) reasonable and customary charges for covered expenses, up to the selected Plan’s maximum.

Medical services must be from a licensed physician or an accredited medical facility to be eligible for benefits. LRFA may require documentation of medical necessity or other documentation prior to payment. The covered charges shall in no event include any amount, which is in excess of reasonable and customary charges for the geographical area where the services are rendered, as determined by LRFA. Benefits payable under this plan may not be assigned.

Plan Types and Benefits

Choice of two plans:

  • Plan A – Maximum benefit amount $50,000.00*
  • Plan B – Maximum benefit amount $100,000.00*
Accident and Sickness  Medical – $50,000 Max Accident and Sickness  Medical – $100,000 Max
Emergency Medical Evacuation – $10,000 Max Emergency Medical Evacuation – $15,000 Max
Deductible – $200 Deductible – $250
Accidental Death and Dismemberment – Adult – $10,000 Max Accidental Death and Dismemberment – Adult – $15,000 Max
Child/Children – $5000 Max Child/Children – $7500 Max
Repatriation of Remains – $5,000 Max Repatriation of Remains – $10,000 Max

Effective Date & Termination

Individual coverage will become effective upon the latest of the following: (1) the date of departure from the United States, or (2) the date requested in the application.  Individual coverage will terminate upon the earliest of the following: (1) the moment the covered person arrives back in the United States, (2) the expiration of eight months from the effective date of the coverage, or (3) the date the agreement terminates.

Not Covered

You are not eligible for benefits if you are hospitalized due to a mental illness, AIDS, war injuries, or injuries resulting from participation in demonstrations or police actions. Benefits do not apply if you are receiving medical care in nursing homes, convalescent residences, mental institutions, extended care facilities, state hospitals, VA hospitals, or drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics. Additonal limitations may apply.

Requests for Benefits

Benefits may be requested from the LRFA office, no later than six (6) months after treatment or examination. The participant must complete and sign a benefit request form, and submit it along with all hospital and physician bills (or legible copies). Bills must clearly show dates of treatment, types of treatment/operation, diagnosis and cost.

Monthly Fees For 2024

Age Plan A – 15 days Plan A – 30 days
1 – 17 $29 $46
18 – 29 $22 $41
30 – 39 $24 $44
40 – 49 $28 $52
50 – 59 $48 $93
60 – 64 $60 $118
65 – 69 $69 $134
70 – 79 $98 $192
80+ $167 $330
Dependent child under 18 years of age, sharing plan with parent:
$16 $30
Age Plan B – 15 days Plan B – 30 days
1 – 17 $32 $59
18 – 29 $29 $55
30 – 39 $32 $60
40 – 49 $39 $75
50 – 59 $59 $114
60 – 64 $70 $133
65 – 69 $80 $155
70 – 79 $135 $263
80+ $254 $499
Dependent child under 18 years of age, sharing plan with parent:
$19 $36