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LRFA is a professionally managed, non-profit, mutual assistance organization, designed to provide our members with affordable health care plans and financial assistance in emergencies. We support other Latvian-American organizations and education in the U.S. and abroad.
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Medicare Supplemental Plan

Medicare Supplemental Plan
The LRFA Medicare Supplemental Plan has a lot to offer and it is a great option for you!
Medicare is an essential means of protection for millions of Americans 65 and older. But Medicare doesn't cover everything.
A Medigap (or Medicare Supplemental) Plan is health insurance sold by private insurance companies to fill gaps in Medicare coverage (coinsurance, copayments, or deductibles). Medicare Supplemental plans help cover those expenses that Medicare's basic health insurance program does not.

There are 7 different LRFA Medicare Supplmental plans, designed to meet your needs, including a separate Prescription Drug coverage plan (M-3).

Consider these great features of the LRFA Medicare Supplemental Plans:

  • Diversified plans to fit individual needs
  • Enroll at any time, no need to wait for an "enrollment period"
  • No physical exam required
  • Change or increase plans at any time without a penalty
  • All prescription drugs (from high cost, rare to the least expensive generic drugs) are covered
  • Full choice of pharmacies. Participation within a network is not required
  • Free choice of doctors and medical facilities
  • Competitive pricing
  • Premiums do not vary by age or state of residence
  • Select expenses paid at 100%
  • No lifetime dollar limits
  • Easy application process
  • Simple claim forms
  • Efficient benefit processing

Eligibility & Enrollment
Participation is open to LRFA members who have Medicare coverage (Part A & B), and are at least age 65 or within one month of eligibility for Medicare. Participants on Medicaid, Disability, or other government medical assistance programs cannot enroll in the LRFA Medicare Supplemental plans.
Current LRFA members must complete and return form F-65, PDF with all applicable fees.
Anyone who is not currently an LRFA member must first apply for membership:  APPLY NOW

Waiting Periods
Waiting periods apply, from 1 to 3 months (from the date of acceptance into a plan), for all new participants.

Requests for Benefits
The LRFA Medicare Supplemental Plan claims are processed based upon Medicare's determination as indicated in the "Medicare Summary Notice" received from Medicare. All requests must include Form F-66 PDF and the Medicare document(s). Claims must be received by the LRFA office within one year of receiving medical treatment.

Not Covered
The LRFA Medicare Supplemental Plans DO NOT cover:

  • Routine vision and dental care; hearing aids
  • Over-the-counter purchased drugs or supplies
  • Services or supplies not approved or not within Medicare guidelines
  • Expenses covered under another insurance plan or government medical assistance program, that is primary to Medicare
  • Expenses not in accordance with Medicare and LRFA regulations or existing laws.
  • Limitations may apply for expenses in excess of usual and customary charges.

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